Growler Policy

Some Info About Growlers
In the tasting room we offer 32oz. and 64oz. growler fills right off the tap which allows you to enjoy the freshest Kelsen beer possible.  An unopened growler can last about a week (some say longer) but an opened growler will last a day or two.  Once a growler is opened some of the carbon dioxide escapes and oxygen takes its place.  Oxygen is one of beers natural enemies and will deteriorate the quality of the beer over time.

Growler Punch Card Program
With your first purchase of a growler you will receive a punch card. For every growler you fill, including your first, a hole will be punched. After 8 fills of one size you will get the 9th FREE!

Our Process
Once your growler is empty you can visit the brewery again for another fill.  Our system is to swap the dirty growler with a growler that has been cleaned, sanitized, and purged with carbon dioxide. Again, just another step to ensure you are consuming the best possible product.

The Not-So Fine Print

  • The Law
    New Hampshire law does not allow a brewery to fill another brewery’s growler whether it is from NH or out of state. We can only fill Kelsen growlers or an unmarked growler. Slapping a sticker on a growler does not work.
  • Growlers Are Yours To Keep
    There is no “deposit” on our growlers. You are purchasing the glass and they are yours to keep.
  • Caps
    Please keep your caps. If you return your growler without a cap you will be charged a small replacement fee. If it is broken we will replace it at no cost.